What Is Body Brushing and Can It Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Dating all the way back to Egyptian times, body brushing is the ancient practice of  exfoliation and massage through a dry brush technique, but what exactly are its benefits and how does it affect your body. With those who have cellulite can it really be effective using a body brushing technique? Fear not - we have the answers. In this article we’ll look at all things body brushing and how and if it aids in circulation and if it actually is a possible method to get rid of cellulite. 

Body Brushing Benefits

In terms of explaining this ancient practice, the word sort of speaks for itself. The practice of applying long, pressurised strokes to the body with a dry, natural brush, is known as body brushing. Due to the popularity of dry brushing over the years it’s known to have many benefits, like its effectiveness in lifting and buffing away dead skin cells through its exfoliation method, as well as being great for improving circulation. Another key benefit of dry brushing is it’s known for playing a part in Lymphatic drainage, the gentle massage of dry brushing encourages movement of lymph fluids found all around the body.  Providing stimulation of the lymph vessels and providing a healthy immune system opting for Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush, is a go-to when determining a body care routine. 

How A Body Brush Helps With Cellulite

Another great benefit of dry brushing is the involvement and progress of helping to eliminate cellulite from the body, with the rejuvenating properties of dry brushing eliminating dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow, it’s an ideal method to try. With dry brushing working to exfoliate the skin exfoliating practised two to three times a week it’s a great routine to try for those with cellulite. With regular exercise and a healthy diet contributing to smooth and tone skin, when combined also with regular dry brushing it’s a perfect combination to diminish the appearance of cellulite. 

What is the Best Body Brush For Cellulite?

When it comes to finding the right brush for you, our top recommendation for a natural bristle brush that is not only effective, but leads the way in terms of performance based products. Is from molecular cosmetic expert  Dr. Barbara Sturm, the cruelty free, science-based skincare line that’s achieved it’s cult status with skincare devotees worldwide. Due to her wisdom and launch of Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush being a perfect dry brush go-to for when it comes to sourcing a convenient, stylish and effective dry brush.

How to Use A Dry Brush?

Those looking to increase blood circulation, boost your body's glow and remove toxins, a dry brush is for you. When starting with a dry brush, a good routine is doing it before a shower practising in the morning or in the afternoon. Starting firstly at your feet and brush upwards with slow clockwise strokes. Following with the legs and the arm, beginning with your opposite arm and making sure to reach the back and underneath areas. Finishing with your stomach, starting at the bottom right side and working upwards in circular motions to encourage circulation. 

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